Craftwork Brewery

The brewery is situated within the stone basement under Lee-Ann’s house, up the hill from the Tasting Room. Her garage is also home to 25 barrels, containing some beer that was brewed in 2016. Our desire to expand has lead us to purchasing a 1,200 litre fermenter, which is part of Rhyme & Reason brewery in Wanaka. Jess and Simon kindly assist us with brewing and bottling, and we mostly brew Saisons and Abbey Styles there. With the establishment of a Tasting Room, we have the space to house many more barrels, which we use for our ‘sour’ beer.


We began in 2014 with a 50 litre capacity. Now a double brew day at home yields 200 litres, still ridiculously small and uneconomic. Our friends, Jess and Simon at Rhyme and Reason Brewery in Wanaka, allowed us to purchase a 1200 l fermenter and warm room, so, much of our “clean” beer we brew there about every six weeks.

This allows us to concentrate on our barrel aged Sour beers, in our ‘home brewery’ in Lee-Ann’s stone basement and here in Harbour St.

Craftwork commenced


Starting capacity

50 litres

Current capacity

500 litres

All our beers are refermented in the bottle or keg, on live yeast. We have a wide variety of styles, albeit Belgian in influence, simply because we love Belgium, its quirky culture, beers and cuisine.

Enjoy your visit, Sante! Proost!


In 2014, Michael O’Brien and Lee-Ann Scotti, foolishly chose to ignore Richard Emerson’s advice "Don’t go commercial!” We’ve been brewing, cleaning and administrating almost every day since. Most recipes and brewing are shared equally between us. We have come from an artisan home spun background, so too, Craftwork reflects...