Welcome to our Barrel & Tasting Room

In the heart of the Victorian Precinct, lies our little tasting room. We serve beers on tap and by the bottle, and often have available ‘special’ beers that aren’t always available at our stockists. The perfect match for Belgian-style beers is cheese - having available various NZ small-batch cow, goat and sheep cheese.

17 Harbour Street, Victorian Precinct,
Oamaru, New Zealand

Closed until further notice

Tasting Room

  • Our normal hours are: Closed until further notice
  • You may wish to book privately as a group, just ask.
  • We are not a bar, but two very busy brewers.
  • The normal rules apply about good behavior and moderation.
  • We are happy to be able to sell directly to the public.
  • Thank You!

Beer Menu

On Tap

  • Look at the blackboard or tap badges.
  • We try to have a FARMHOUSE ale, an ABBEY or Belgian Specialty ale and a BARREL AGED SOUR
  • 200 ml tasting glass, $5- $7 
  • The beer is refermented in the keg and not force carbonated.
  • Belgian beers can often pour with a large head, and tight foam.

Bottle selection

  • To share or take away.
  • Spend some time to study what we have in the fridge…. or ask.
  • We frequently run out of very popular beer so don’t be surprised if we say "No!"

We hope to be able to offer either on tap or bottle three very broad styles:


Grisette / 5.5%
Saison Zest / 7%
Saison Anise / 7%



Angel / 6.5% 
Good Lord Tripel / 9%
Sacre Bleu / 9.5%
Oude Relic / 9%
Dark Lord Quad / 10%
Flemish Floozie / 8%

 $14- $18


Red Bonnet Original / 6 %
Red Bonnet Sour Cherry / 6.5 %
Barrique Saison Honey & Medlar / 8 %
Svak ol   (BA Norwegian raw ale) / 4.7%
Autobarn  ( Pinot Gris BA Grisette) / 9.0 %
Bruxelles ma Belle (Apricot Lambic-style) / 7 %
Un Deux Trois  (Gueuze-style) / 6 %

$18- $20

Want to know more about our beers?


We offer a two or four cheese slate, served with crackers and Quince Paste. 


EVANSDALE - Smoked Brie and Bay Blue
Various cheeses from small batch cheesemakers, depending what is available:
THE CRANKY GOAT - The Reginald  and Cullensville Gold
WHITESTONE CHEESE - Lindis Pass Camembert
THORVALD - ‘Devotion’ Reblochon-style  
MEYER - Vintage Gouda    


Check the daily cheese board!

Biersticks / Bread / Pickled Eggs





VINBRUX BAKERY / 2 slices and butter, or oil



HOME MADE / free range


Cheese Menu


“If cheese is handmade, properly looked after, and left to mature, it can develop a delightfully unique character”. We aim for our cheeses to be enjoyed at their best and to preserve the natural processes and subtle flavouring of the elements within the milk. This helps to preserve the cheeses natural delicate or robust flavours. All Evansdale cheeses are made naturally free of preservatives and calf rennet.


Cranky Goat Ltd is a small cheese company nestled in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, supplying high quality handmade goat cheeses using traditional methods. We use locally sourced milk from a neighbouring farm, so we can ensure our milk is to the highest quality. 


Originally Established in 2011, Kaikoura Cheese was born from a passion for excellent, top-quality wholefood, the love of eating cheese and wanting to have a lifestyle for our family but which added something of value into the community.


Founded in 1987, Whitestone’s  cheeses are named after regional place names in North Otago, reflecting the regional nature of their products. The flavours are derived from this climate, water and soils, producing the grass which is then grazed upon; producing regional specific milk.

All of their cheeses are made using only natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives are added. They are true to the source of their raw grass fed milk, and believe the natural flavours should be allowed to carry through. Vegetarian microbial rennet is used in all of the cheese.

THORVALD, Upper Moutere

Thorvald produce small batch cheese, exclusively from Sheep. They run their own flock in the Neudorf Valley. Their cheesemaker is French, and has 10 years experience in his craft, and their ‘ouvre’ is not the ‘run of the mill’. Their products range from yoghurt and feta, through to washed rind Reblochon, white and blue vein, and manchego-style.

MEYER, Hamilton

Meyer Cheese produces high quality, handmade traditional gouda cheeses from their own dairy farm.  A business model that holds quality, “a good honest product” and family lifestyle as paramount, has produced a thriving boutique business that produces award winning cheeses and supports a large extended family.